VAl Kuklowsky

          Title                    Description

The Wrong Coast


Undefining Punk


Body and Soul

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Little Notes on Painting

Memories,Dreams and Addictions

   Camp Wilderness

A Hollywood parody Info-tainment show in the spirit of “Entertainment Tonight” and “Access Hollywood”.

Examines implausible and twisted situations using Animated Stop Motion characters and some very talented Voice mimics.

A “Spoof-a-mentary” about the life of a famous Hollywood writer.

A discussion about punk, how it spoke directly to a select audience of disaffected kids, and the painful transition from adolescence into adulthood. Interviewed are Richard Hell, Greg Burk, Roberta Bayley, Jimmy Pursey, Lech Kowalski, Richard Sabin, Duane Peters, Keith Morris,and Penelope Spheeris.

An examination the three root causes of addiction — psychological, physical and emotional/spiritual — utilizing expert testimony and computer graphics of brain functions.

Features real-world prominent women athletes, their tales of growing up, and their dedication and love for their favorite sports. interviews with Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Geraldine Ferraro, and top athletes who share their triumphs and challenges in sports and in life.

An in-studio interview documentary with Julian Schnabel where he shows and describes some of his paintings.

A Daily children’s show taking place in a summer camp where children are exposed to nature and different adventures.

Jungle Jazz 
Oddball Hall
Rescue 911
D.O.A Rites of Passage
Gringo:Story of A Junkie
Ghosts That Still Walk
Lucifer Complex
Maragaret Mead:Reflections
Vision USA

6m short winner of Silver Bear Berlin Winner

Don Ameche and Burgess Meredith star

4 episodes of this original reality based TV

“All the Small Creatures” Episode

Sex Pistols tour of United States

Chronicles of the Lower East Side in 1985

Pix Editor and Post Production Supervisor

1977 - B Picture Horror film

Golden Cine Eagle Award 1976

Magazine Format monthly program for U.S.I.A.


Ellen Burstyn interviews Hubert Selby Jr with footage from the film intercut with Selby reading from the original book.